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Darlene P. Winston

Darlene is an accomplished author known for crafting captivating narratives with gripping drama, suspense, and richly developed characters that promise a thrilling journey of twists and turns. Having embarked on her writing journey with the publication of her debut novel, “Where I Wanna Be,” in 2008, Darlene has since contributed three contemporary fiction novels to her literary portfolio, with more on the horizon.

Her Third novel, “Perfectly Imperfect,” stands out as a beacon of excellence, earning Darlene the prestigious Outstanding Creator Award across multiple categories. Notably, it clinched the Best Fiction Book of 2022 title while securing top honors in Romance, Literary & Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Best Villain, and Best Couple categories. In recognition of her literary prowess, Darlene has also been celebrated as a Bookfest Award Winner.

A proud Virginian, Darlene holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Union University and a master’s from Touro University International. Despite her flourishing writing career, Darlene wears multiple hats as a seasoned professional in the insurance industry, where she has dedicated over twenty-five years of service.

Beyond her literary and professional achievements, Darlene finds joy in sharing her life with her husband in their Virginia home. As a skilled storyteller and dedicated insurance professional, Darlene seamlessly weaves tales on paper while navigating the complexities of the corporate world, embodying the essence of a multifaceted and accomplished individual.

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