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Where I Wanna Be

You, me, and your girlfriend?

After years of swearing off men, K.C. Martin hit gold when Andre asked for her phone number one day at the local post office. What she didn't anticipate was a package postmarked ex. She has finally allowed herself to feel alive again and give in to what he's offering. Short lived is her vision of 'Perfect' when suddenly, along comes an ex-girlfriend, attempted murder and a murder suspect on the loose. K.C. wonders if 'Perfect' has a place in her life. Experience the emotions, the highs and the lows along with K.C., as she is forced to choose whether love is worth fighting for or if 'perfect' really means being alone.

The Other Woman

Krys Harriston has what every girl wants -a good job, a handsome hardworking husband, two beautiful kids and a loving home...everything that makes her happy. But there's another woman out for revenge trying to break up her marriage, and this is one woman Krys may not be able to compete with. Her husband, Cameron, never imagined that the one person who loves him unconditionally is the very one causing his world to come crashing down around him. Does he have enough strength to fight the evil forces and save his marriage or will he allow it all to slip away?

Perfectly Imperfect

In the highly anticipated sequel to Where I Wanna Be, Andre' has moved on from his ex to be with the love of his life - but when his past comes back to haunt him, will the love he shares with K.C. survive?

(Can be read as a stand alone)

Life is grand and heading in the direction Andre' has always envisioned. But secrets, lies, and webs of deception soon reveal themselves, threatening to destroy all that he and K.C. have worked to build, and changing lives forever. Will those changes destroy bonds formed over the year - or will love rule?

What People Are Saying...

I enjoyed sharing in the struggles and ultimate victories of the fascinating and believable Harristons.

Gregory W.


I liked this story about a married couple struggling to get back together after being separated for a whole year. Krys didn't have any idea that someone very close to her man was plotting to keep them separated. What would she do when she found out? Well, you'll have to read the intriguing novel to find out the answer.

Barbara Joe-W.


Thanks for the opportunity to review your latest novel! You have a talent for storytelling and a real flair for writing believable dialogue.

Rita E.


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